Letter: Setting the bar high

Published 5:19 pm Friday, April 5, 2024

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More than a few of us on the Austin School Board have had a long relationship with the Austin Public Schools. From my entry as a kindergartener at Woodson Elementary School (I lived across the street) to my graduation from Austin High School in 1977, Austin Public Schools has always been a place of many fond memories, friendships, and pride.

Every five years for the last 45, I have attended and thoroughly enjoyed my AHS class reunions, where I reconnected with old friends and reminisced about the “good old days.” The tour of Austin High School is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. That walk through the halls of the high school elicits nostalgic feelings and a sense of thankfulness for this place where our educational roots took hold so many years ago.

As a School Board member, Alumni Committee member, alum, retired teacher, and parent of three Packers, I have had many opportunities to reflect on and boast about this district. The accomplishments of our students and staff include academic scholars, athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and orators, clubs, teams, educators, support staff, and coaches. These achievements do not come without strong leadership, exemplary staff, committed students and families, researched and data-driven decision-making, fiscal responsibility, and open conversations about what is best for our students.   

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Austin Public Schools’ district mission to inspire, empower, and accelerate is being realized daily with a focus on working with each unique child in a way that best meets their specific needs. In my three-year tenure as a board member, I have witnessed positive changes across the district that support our work toward this goal.

Austin Public Schools sets the bar high and is supported by a community prioritizing excellence in its educational system. Austin’s strong history of providing an engaging and fruitful education continues.

Packer Proud!

Cece Kroc

Austin School Board