The right time: Mother, daughter duo to open Boujee Bagels & Coffee Co. in B. Prairie

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 30, 2024

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Austin Pizza Ranch General Manager Trisha Tietje has been in her position for a little over 10 years, but now it’s time for something new.

It’s now time for coffee and bagels.

Tietje, along with her eldest daughter, Alaris McCord, will be opening the Boujee Bagels & Coffee Co. in Blooming Prairie.

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“It’s something that’s been on our radar for a couple years,” Tietje said. “We found the perfect location for us, for the things we want to carry out and that’s in Blooming Prairie.”

The coffee shop will be located at 413 Hwy Ave S, in Blooming Prairie, the location where Subway once had a shop.

Tietje said that they hope to release a menu in the near future with an eye for opening the new shop sometime between the last week of April and May 1.

“There’s not a ton of renovation work to do, which is really nice,” Tietje said. “That’s why we chose that location because it was previously a Subway, so every piece of equipment we needed was in there.”

Rather, the location is getting some added details just to give the location more life.

“We’ve got some painting, simple things going on, but we are going to rejuvenate that into a coffee shop,” Tietje said.

The idea of opening a shop like this has been on Tietje’s radar for a number of years with the goal of branching out into a new avenue.

Ideas and challenges came and went, but when the time came, Tietje said it was an easy door to open for her and her daughter.

“I would say, for me, it all started about five years ago,” she said. “Just really having that desire to do something on my own, to build my legacy with it.”

“It’s a great opportunity that I felt like it was time to take,” Tietje added.

Opening a coffee shop was a chance to create a brand and be authentic to who she was and what she thought her purpose was.

Having the opportunity to work with her daughter is an added benefit.

“It’s been fun,” she said. “We’ve always worked together as a family. We’ve done other businesses together as a family, which obviously has it’s own challenges. We’re really close and we do have some differences of opinion, but it’s actually helped us find a good center for things. It’s going to be exciting that we are doing this together.”

While an official menu has yet to be released, Tietje has teased a whole assortment of things that will be available, and naturally that includes bagels and coffee.

Tietje said that there will be a full coffee menu, premium baked goods, specialty bagels and bagel sandwiches and wraps. There will also be 100% fruit smoothies available with no artificial flavors or colors and soups.

There might even be some ice cream down the line.

This type of menu goes along with the duo’s outlook on what is possible with this new location.

“Every opportunity is wide open,” Tietje said.

And with those opportunities comes a long term goal of possibly spreading out from Blooming Prairie.

“For sure, we’ll start our (location) around this area and we’ll see what doors open up,” she said. “That’s the vision, but we’re totally okay if it’s just Blooming.

Tietje said this is an exciting opportunity for her and McCord, but it’s also somewhat bittersweet, because she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Pizza Ranch, which her husband, John, will continue to oversee in his role as district manager.

“I still love Pizza Ranch so much,” Tietje said. “It’s always going to be a part of me. I’m going to be a part of who they are as well.”