Letter to the Editor: Bill would hurt local control over single family zoning

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Our state legislature is considering two bills — AF 4009 and SF 3964 — that would eliminate local control over single family zoning in Minnesota. Decisions on parking and housing aesthetics — as well as the subdivision of lots in your neighborhood — would be controlled by the state. This legislation is needed according to bill sponsors for “the common good.”

Cities around the state — like Austin — would essentially lose complete control of city zoning and land use authority with this legislation.

Do we need more housing? Yes. The state already passed $1 billion for housing last year. That will have a huge impact of housing availability.

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There are also thousands of homes around the state and in the Twin Cities that are in disrepair. The best solution would be to offer tax incentives to update them first before passing this draconian legislation. It will provide more housing, and business to the Minnesota construction industry.

The bottom line is Minnesotans should control their own local zoning laws without interference from the state. It’s important you let your state representative know both HF 4009 and SF 3964 are unacceptable. Let cities around the state make their own decisions about zoning.

Jim Piga

Mendota Heights, MN