Austin City Limit Apartments show off refreshed look

Published 7:00 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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An Austin apartment complex celebrated a fresh look Friday afternoon, the culmination of nearly a year of work put in to bring new life to the building.

Austin City Limit Apartments hosted a grand re-opening from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Friday in order to give people an open-door look at the work that’s been done since Infinity Real Estate & Management Group took over management of the 54-unit property in May of last year.

“We took over management of the property in May of 2023 and got it nice and cleaned up,” said Senior Property Manager Tammy Bump. “We’ve got some great tenets in here and we’re doing a grand re-opening to get the name out.”

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Located just to the west of Austin across Interstate 90 at 3303 W Oakland Ave, Austin City Limits Apartments is a collection of efficiency apartments that stick to the bones of the hotel structure the building originally was a number of years ago, before it was converted into apartments prior to Infinity taking over management.

Furnished rooms come with bath and kitchen areas and run for around $650 with basic utilities included, but it’s some of the amenities that Infinity hopes will help sell the appeal of the complex.

“The amenities for one was a big thing,” said Infinity Marketing Manager Ashley Cookman and went on to include the main floor common room. “A lot of places, even including places in Rochester that have so many units don’t have a big room like this. Most of our units have a TV already in the unit. We have a laundry that is activated digitally and we have a full weight room.”

Along with those things mentioned, there is a common room complete with foosball and ping pong tables as well as American With Disabilities Act-accordance rooms, and they also have unfurnished apartments for rent.

City Limits is the largest of the 900 apartments, town-homes, duplexes and other properties managed by Infinity, which is eager to open the apartments up to everybody, including those with housing assistance.

“We’ve started opening up to Section 8 vouchers as well,” Cookman said. “That is an opportunity here that we didn’t have before and didn’t have in the previous management.”

Those that visited Friday’s open house got a look at the newly refreshed rooms as well as receiving tours of the building.

It was a chance, those from Infinity say, to not only get a look at the refreshed building, but to also get an idea of a neighborhood.

“Everything is just nice and fresh and new,” Bump said. “It’s a sense of community as well. You have your efficient apartments and then at the same time you really get to know one another. It’s more than your standard apartment.