Thumbs up, Thumbs down: APDT represents Packer athletics

Published 5:28 pm Friday, February 16, 2024

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Thumbs up for the Austin Packer Dance Team. Representing Austin once again in the Minnesota State Dance Meet this weekend, APDT one-upped itself by not only securing a place in the state meet for the 23rd year in a row, but by doing so with section titles in both jazz and high kick. It’s a continued testament to the commitment of the dancers and coaches to continue pushing goals and exemplifying athletic greatness.

Thumbs up for more baseball. In glancing at the sports section in this Saturday’s paper, you are going to read about father-son duo Nestor and Miguel Castro, who are organizing another baseball team in Austin. With lofty goals of opening the door for anyone and possibly playing year-round baseball, the team is another option for athletes in Austin to contribute to the rich baseball tradition in Austin.

Thumbs down to flag process. On Tuesday of this week, the Mower County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution asking Gov. Walz and Mower’s legislative delegation to rescind the choice of the state’s new flag in order to let governmental bodies and citizens have more input on the flag design. Commissioners have a point and like so many things, it seems like an easy softball was missed in the process. We feel the flag design itself is fine and we don’t dispute the perceived flaws of the original flag, but if it’s to represent the state and its people, then the people should have had more of a say in its selection. Not only that, but the whole process didn’t take into account the financial burden it may carry for some governmental bodies.

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Thumbs down to more gun violence. It shouldn’t need to be said, but people should be able to celebrate a Super Bowl, or anything for that matter, without the fear of gun violence and yet, it’s becoming more and more apparent that this unfortunate fact may have to remain in the minds of people any time they go anywhere. At the same time, it appears the same old formulas will continue to follow.

Thumbs up for teacher recognition. Austin High School teacher Tieler Myers, featured in Wednesday’s Austin Daily Herald, was recently honored with the National Society of High School Scholars Claes Nobel Education Distinction. An important honor, the distinction also has value for Myers and Austin Public Schools itself as it opens the door for Myers to apply for grants and scholarships that can benefit the students attending AHS.