Letter to the Editor: Meeting the needs of a busy year thanks to those who help

Published 5:05 pm Friday, January 26, 2024

The Mower County Humane Society had a busy 2023. We rescued 244 cats/kittens and 126 dogs/puppies. There were 239 cat adoptions and 148 dog adoptions. We also financially assisted the community with 101 cat spays/neuters. Our overall expenses in 2023 were $194,000 with vet care being our number one expense.

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For those who are not familiar with MCHS, we are a group of volunteers (NOT part of any government entity) who take in abandoned cats and dogs from Mower County. We regularly rescue abandoned pets from the Austin City Pound when no owner comes forward to claim (149 pets were rescued from the pound last year or 40% of our intake). We treat any health issues, do blood tests and vaccines, get them neutered or spayed, and then put them up for adoption. The adoption fees we charge cover only a portion of the expenses we incur. We are not a drop off facility for pets. Unfortunately, in our community there are a large number of abandoned cats and dogs — this is especially true with cats. Citizens who want to help change this reality are encouraged to spay or neuter their pets. If you are able, help spay/neuter feral cats that are in your neighborhood.  If you own a pet, remember Austin City Ordinance requires ALL pets (this includes cats who would require a harness/leash when outside) remain on your property.

MCHS is a 501(c)3 group—all donations are tax deductible and go directly towards the expense of rescuing abandoned pets. We would like to thank several local businesses who helped make our organization work this past year. Thank you Austin Vet Clinic, Spring Valley Vet Clinic, Blooming Prairie Vet Clinic, Hy-Vee, Thompson Sanitation, Austin Daily Herald, TV3, TV6, Mower County Shopper, The Pet Authority and the MN Dept of Corrections-Sentence to Serve.

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Thank you to the area businesses who display our donation dog houses — Hy-Vee Liquor, Hy-Vee Gas, The Pet Authority, Mapleview Bar, Twice is Nice, Bendixon Jewelry, Gravity Storm Brewery, Bell Liquor, Star Liquor, Jim’s Market Place, Austin Vet Clinic, House of Roffler, Spring Valley Vet, Heidi’s In Rose Creek, and Hardy Geranium. Thank you Nancy Hoversten for keeping the Austin Vet supplied year around with your great $3 dishcloths; the sale of which goes directly against our account!

For more information about MCHS, visit our website at mchs.rescuegroups.org. Thank you to all who have helped make a positive change in 2023 —from those who helped in the rescue process, gave supply or monetary donations, and to those who completed the rescue of a pet by adopting.

Mower County

Humane Society