Letter to the Editor: It looks like a flag from a third-world country

Published 5:59 pm Friday, January 5, 2024

The flag that the state of Minnesota has had for years looks great. It represents our state’s history.

If there are blemishes in our state’s history, they should not be ‘whitewashed’ out of our beautiful state flag. The new flag looks like one from a Third World Country, designed by an artist from a One World Government.

If some people are offended by the old flag, should their offense override most of the people in Minnesota? Did Governor Walz ask the citizens of our state if we wanted the flag changed? Did the State Legislative leaders in St. Paul ask if we wanted a  second version, a pride flag?

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I believe that any change in the state flag should be put on the next ballot and voted on by the people.

Let’s pause this process and vote on this proposed flag change in the next regularly scheduled election.

Ed Brady

Austin, MN