Letter to the Editor: We are lucky to live in Minnesota

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, December 26, 2023

There is an adage that says, “you get what you pay for.” During this holiday season we can be thankful we live in Minnesota.     

We depend on many state and local services. We have fire fighters to respond if we have an emergency or fire. We depend on law enforcement to protect our property and families. We depend on medical science and professionals to cure our ills and keep us healthy — much paid for by our taxes and government. We depend on the government to maintain our roads and clear the snow. In short, we depend on government at all its levels to maintain our way of life.

These services that support our way of life did not happen by accident. Our support systems evolved over decades guided by our elected representatives. The government employees who provide these services worked to get the necessary training and experience to keep us safe and maintain our way of life.

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Minnesota is investing in the health and education of our children. Our education system is structured to improve the lives of all Minnesotans and provide them with the knowledge and skills that will improve their lives and drive our economy forward. 

Some Republican controlled states are resorting to book bans to control thinking. Minnesota is not! While some history may include uncomfortable truths and some books contain information of questionable value it is important that students are exposed to all points of view so they can develop critical thinking and form their own opinions.

Minnesota is investing in its infrastructure. We need good roads and other services like safe water and wastewater treatment to protect the environment. This improves our quality of life and provides the services that business and industry require to prosper and provide Minnesota’s workers with productive jobs.

Most importantly Minnesota is a bastion of freedom. While Republican-dominated states like Texas and Florida are restricting women’s privacy and medical rights, Minnesota is protecting those rights. Just over the border Republican controlled Iowa has decided to reject federal food aid to ensure needy children don’t go hungry during the 2024 summer when school lunches are not available. So, Republicans are restricting women’s medical rights, trying to eliminate contraceptives and refusing to feed hungry children. Sorry, I can’t make this up.

It is ironic that Republicans rail against government regulations and control except when they restrict women’s and other people’s rights. Ken Paxton, Texas’ Republican attorney general is even seeking patients’ medical records from other states. This is frightening like Southern slave owners hunting down slaves escaping into free states.

Have no doubt, Minnesota’s Republicans want to pass the same draconian measures as Republican controlled states are enacting. These laws limit freedom, increase inequality and accelerate rural decline. The DFL stands for women’s rights, public education, housing, infrastructure and public services to benefit all.

During this holiday season we are truly blessed to be living in Minnesota.

Joe Pacovsky

Hayward, MN