Letter to the Editor: Building understanding of strategic plan

Published 5:38 pm Friday, December 1, 2023

As the chair of the Austin School Board, I am proud of our district’s progress as we work to build a greater understanding and consensus around our long-term strategic plan.

Across the district, teachers and staff have been instrumental in creating welcoming environments for our students, which is our first strategic goal. A shining example is Lars Johnson, a Ellis Middle School teacher recently honored as Teacher of the Year at Austin Public Schools. Mr. Johnson’s passion for teaching makes a positive difference for students daily.

Our students, too, are doing great things. For example, Nadia Hummel, a student at Austin High School, has been named to the Minnesota Department of Education’s Computer Science Working Group. Students like Nadia embody character qualities that drive our second strategic goal — the Packer Profile. These character qualities include responsibility, resiliency, learning, communication, and being a contributor.

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We are also working to provide multi-tiered systems of support for all learners and demonstrate effective resource management, our third and fourth strategic goals. The school board constantly strives for excellence in academic growth for all students, utilizing the valued resources we have been provided.  It is a source of pride knowing we provide the continuum of support from our youngest learners to our Austin High School graduates.   

As we continue pursuing our district’s strategic vision, I am grateful for the ongoing support from our staff, parents/caregivers, leadership, and community. To learn more, please visit AccelerateAustin.org.

Kathy Green, Chairperson

Austin Public Schools