UPDATE: Heggs again acquitted in latest case

Published 2:14 pm Thursday, October 12, 2023

Currently serving 36 months in prison for failing to register as predatory offender


Editor’s note: Changes reflect that Heggs was acquitted by a jury, not a judge

Terry Izeal Heggs, the man who has faced a plethora of charges across a string of different cases, has once again been acquitted of drug charges following a three-day trial this week.

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Heggs, 40, was acquitted by a jury of two charges of third degree drug sales related to a June 14 case where he was accused of selling both methamphetamine and heroin to a confidential informant.

It is the latest of a number of cases either dismissed or dropped by the Mower County Attorney’s Office, though Heggs is currently serving a 36-month sentence at a Minnesota Department of Corrections facility in St. Cloud for felony predatory offender failing to register, which he was sentenced to in August of this year.

In previous findings, Heggs was acquitted in two cases that involved drug possession, sales and failure to register. In another case the Mower County attorney’s office announced it was dropping charges related to a 2021 drive-by shooting case because the witness in the case, Ryan Christopher Collins, is currently missing and wanted by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Still on the horizon for Heggs is a jury trial slated for Nov. 6 for a felony charge of predatory offender knowing commits act or fails to fulfill registration requirement charge as well as a felony third degree drug sale charge.