Pacelli’s McManus takes first place in Hayfield

Published 10:41 pm Thursday, September 7, 2023

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Pacelli had two top-five fishers at the Hayfield cross country invite Thursday.

Kya McManus took first for the Pacelli girls and her teammate Kirsten Koopoal took fourth.

Carter Glynn took second for the GMLOS boys.

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Pacelli: Yong Achuoth (ninth, 18:11.13); Comlan Assogba (17th, 19:09.48); Andrew Frederick (36th, 19:46.80); JJ Bastyr (43rd, 20:11.86); James Schulte (58th, 22:22.84)

BP: Will Sunde (18th, 19:11.50); Breckin Cochlin (26th, 19:20.85); Tyler Forystek (35th, 19:45.47); Isaac Fort (49th, 21:12.25); Derek Kubicek (57th, 22:16.72)

GMLOS: Carter Glynn (second, 17:30.99); Erik Shaw (5th, 17:47.07); Teague Alden (11th, 18:27.19); Ashton Gehling (27th, 19:25.57); Brandon Arndorfer (29th, 19:40.41); Cody Hyrkas (39th, 20:00.50)

Hayfield: Wyat Gilbertson (37th, 19:52.23); Jaxon Harberts (47th, 20:32.17); Steven Gillette (50th, 21:31.59); Isaac Nelson (51st, 21:41.23); Kolton Fiedler (53rd, 21:47.14)


Pacelli: Kya McManus (first, 19:28.26): Kirsten Koopal (fourth, 20:24.89); Lexi Lewis (18th, 22:17.57); Claire Bisanit (30th, 23:08.71); Liz Frederick (37th, 23:38.22); Madi Klankowski (49th, 25:22.80)

BP: Gloria Hernandez (fifth, 20:36.39); Sophia Esplan (51st, 25:59.50); Rachel Winzenburg (57th, 26:55.14); Anna Haberman (69th, 29:00.99); Lily Schammel (71st, 30:49.87)

GMLOS: Naomi Warmka (34th, 23:30.32): Keyawin Stier (46th, 24:28.31); Karina Lee (59t, 27:05.68); Delaney Alden (61st, 27:17.31); Brandi Lee Christenson (63rd, 27:58.09)

Hayfield: Maggie Hansen (29th, 23:00.62); Scarlet O’Malley (38th, 23:54.07); Nicole Darnell (53rd, 26:18.52); Lily Halvorson (54th, 26:29.95); Melody Walker (66th, 28:06.99)