8.22.23 SUMMARY

Published 12:03 pm Monday, September 25, 2023

Regular Session of the Mower County Board of Commissioners
Summary of Minutes August 22, 2023
The Mower County Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Mower, Minnesota, met in Regular Session August 22, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Government Center in Austin, Minnesota. All members present, viz: Mike Ankeny, Chair; Jerry Reinartz, Vice-Chair; Polly Glynn; John Mueller; Dan Sparks; and County Administrator Trish Gjersvik.
The following is a chronological summary of the Board meeting. All action items unanimously approved
unless otherwise noted:
Agenda with additions 1) Rescind the 8/8/23 action that approved the Chateau Speedway liquor license
and include under general business today to approve the liquor license with new effective date and 2)
approve amendments to the 2023 Committee Appointments
Consent agenda approved: 1) Minutes of 8/8/23; 2) Set date for Employee Years of Service Recognition
Breakfast (10/10/23)
Sheriff Steve Sandvik provided the Board with a department update providing a year in review for the
Sheriff’s Office departments of patrol, dispatch and jail. A noteworthy change was the formation of an
independent Records Division separate from Dispatch. The Sheriff provided staff response statistics
that demonstrated the high volume of incidents within the county and commended staff. Staffing the jail
continues to be a struggle here and across the state and the department is working with Human
Resources to develop an incentive and retention plan. Lastly, the new State cannabis law provides
unique challenges in consideration of the Federal law especially related to the operation of the jail and
the classification of inmate personal property.
Social Worker Desirae Meyer was recognized for 10 years of service at Mower County.
Health & Human Services accounts payable $219,587.01
Commissioner warrants:

Master’s Touch’s proposal for 2023 Truth in Taxation mailing accepted
Master’s Touch’s proposal for 2024 Tax Statement/Valuation Notices accepted
2022 Emergency Management Performance Grant effective 1/1/22-12/31/23 accepted ($30,225 with a
required match of $30,225)
Rescind the 8/8/23 motion approving Chateau Speedway 1956 LLC seasonal full liquor license effective
Chateau Speedway 1956 LLC seasonal full liquor license effective 8/11/23-10/31/23
Amend the 2023 Board Committee Appointments by replacing Dan Sparks with Polly Glynn on the
Finance and Audit Committee and by replacing Dan Sparks with Trish Gjersvik on the Assoc. of MN
Counties Economic Development, Workforce & Housing Policy Subcommittee.
2024 County Veterans Service Office Operational Enhancement Grant agreement (CVSO Grant
Agreement) effective 7/1/23-6/30/24 ($10,000) and authorize signatures
Mike Hanson, Public Works Director, presented bid information received for project CP 50-23-11. Award
bid to the low bidder Subsurface, Inc. with a bid of $434,665.00 on project CP 50-23-11
Reallocate 1 FTE in Health & Human Services Child Support Unit to a Lead position
Reallocate 1 FTE in Health & Human Services Accounting Unit to that of a Lead position
Add one additional FTE Community Health Worker in Health & Human Services for a total of 3 Community
Health Worker positions funded by Public Health grant
Reallocate 1 FTE in the Assessor’s department to a Lead position
Non-precedent setting Memorandum of Agreement with UAW to allow an employee in good standing to
temporarily work as a Facilities Technician in another union until re-establishing a Class A license
required for the position of Maintenance Equipment Operator
Committee Reports
The Mower County Board of Commissioners Attest:
BY: /S/ Mike Ankeny By: /s/ Trish Gjersvik
Chairperson Clerk/Administrator
A complete set of minutes is on file at the office of the Mower County Auditor and Mower County Administrator’s office. In addition, Minutes can be viewed at the Mower County Website at www.co.mower.mn.us.
The following vendors were paid with Auditor Warrants in the month of August 2023 pursuant to Resolution
#03-23 adopted on 1/3/23:

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