Published 10:56 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023


State of Minnesota District Court County of: Mower
Judicial District: Third
Judicial District
Court File Number:
Case Type: CHIPS

In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child(ren) of: Beverly Rodriguez and Alik Lipai

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Summons and Notice
Child in Need of Protection or Services Matter (CHP-114)

NOTICE TO: Oropa Martin, Above-named parent(s) or legal custodian(s).
1. A Child in Need of Protection or Services Petition has been filed in the Juvenile Court alleging that the child(ren) of the above-named parent(s) or legal custodian(s) is/are in need of protection or services.
2. This is your notice that this Child in Need of Protection or Services case is scheduled for a remote hearing before the Juvenile Court located at 201 2nd Ave NE, Suite 3 Austin MN 55912, on August 30, 2023 at 1:00 PM or as soon after as the case can be heard.
Please contact court administration to get the remote hearing information.
3. YOU ARE ORDERED to appear before the Juvenile Court at the scheduled time and date.
4. You have a right to be represented by counsel.
5. If you fail to appear at the hearing, the Court may still conduct the hearing and grant appropriate relief, including taking permanent custody of the child(ren) named in the Petition.
6. Type in your browser’s address bar.
Enter the Meeting ID and Meeting Passcode (if asked):
Meeting ID: 160 767 6493
Passcode: 586512
Dated August 4, 2023 Mower County Court Administration 201 2nd Ave NE, Suite 3 Austin MN 55912 507-509-7013

Austin Daily Herald:
Aug. 16, 2023