Letter to the Editor: The difference between Democrats and Republicans

Published 7:49 pm Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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The difference between Democrats and Republicans is demonstrated by comparing Iowa and Minnesota. Iowa is governed by Republicans. Minnesota is governed by Democrats.

Republicans in Iowa have embraced the guiding principles of patriarchy. This explains the Republicans animosity to reproductive rights, paid family leave and even public education funding that might threaten the unequal power structures they defend.

An extreme example of patriarchy is the Quiverfull Movement. The adherents of this cult-like movement believe that a woman’s purpose is to produce children. This movement does not believe in any form of birth control. Even if a woman’s health begins to deteriorate after producing 10 or more children, she is expected to continue to have babies and homeschool all her children.

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The homeschool curriculum chosen by these parents often firmly indoctrinates children that the father is at the head of family and his authority must not be questioned-not even by the mother. (The Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family from Lifetime’s “Nineteen Kids and Counting“ reality television show is an example of the Quiverfull approach in both childbearing and their homeschool curriculum choice.)

This fringe movement is behind the so-called “parental rights” advocacy and is a driving force behind Republican’s hostility to public education funding.

The Iowa Republican Legislature and governor have eliminated a woman’s right to control her medical and reproductive rights after six weeks of pregnancy. Texas has enacted similar restrictions and OB/GYN doctors and residents are leaving Texas. Some Republicans have stated that the right for women to have access to birth control should be reviewed.

Minnesota Republican legislators have proposed the same restrictions as Iowa’s attack on women’s reproductive and medical rights.

Minnesota has historically invested in quality public education, roads, and public services. Republicans have blocked adequate funding when they had the power, preferring tax cuts for wealthy residents. Now they are whining about the increased bonding levels after they blocked the last Bonding Bill that delayed maintenance and construction that would have benefited local government budgets. Paradoxically Republicans delay tactics cost taxpayers more money due to construction cost increases and the current higher interest rate environment.        

Minnesota has passed legislation that benefits families. Democrats in Minnesota are pursuing policies that will allow our state to progress. Republicans are pursuing policies that will cause Iowa to regress.

Joe Pacovsky

Hayward, MN