In Your Community: Duplicate Bridge

Published 7:58 pm Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Nine teams played duplicate bridge at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 11:30 a.m.

This is a weekly event that happens both days the year around, and is open to all bridge players who wish to play the game.

Winners on Tuesday, Aug. 15 were:

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• First place, John Leisen and Rick Stroup

• Second place, Larry Crowe and Bill Momsen

• Third place, Theresa Baldus and Harriet Oldenberg

• Fourth place, Jim Fisher and Dave Ring

• Fifth place, Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver

Wednesday, Aug. 16 winners were:

• First place, Barb and Orrin Roisen

• Second place, Gail Schmidt and Dave Ring

• Third place, John Leisen and Rick Stroup

• Fourth place, Harriet Oldenberg and Millie Seiver

Players come from Albert Lea, Rose Creek, Austin, and Mason City, Iowa

An article taken from the July issue of the ACBL Magazine tells us that there is a Bridge game for three people. This is possibly a remedy in a case when a player for one reason or another, does not show up for his game.

The game is called Millard Fillmore, invented by Dr. David Woodward  in 1972. It is an individual game with each player scoring separately. The dealing is the same, four piles of 13 cards, one pile belonging to the absent dummy. The players look at their cards, and then in turn each will exchange four of their cards with four unseen from the dummy hand. Then comes the bidding with the dealer going first. This proceeds as normal — sort of. You don’t have a partner, so no forcing, etc. Skip the basics and bidding ends after two consecutive passes. The player making the highest bid is the declarer, regardless of who bid the suit first. The declarer can then choose his partner.

Readers who might be interested in hearing more about this new innovation, will find it in the July 2023 issue of the ACBL Magazine.This writer is scrapping the idea as a bad idea.