Growth of a Dream: Austin couple starts up cut flower business

Published 6:05 pm Friday, August 4, 2023

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Located in rural Mower County, Kenzie and Alex Weis have grown a special place on Earth and now they’ve begun sharing that with people through their business, Rooted Flower Co.

The company specializes in growing cut flowers for people either to be used in sprucing up their home or a special upcoming event.

“Probably about four, five years ago I had this vision or dream of providing cut flowers for people,” Kenzie said, standing with Alex and the couple’s daughter Rowan near the extended flower bed that sprouts with the colors representing each of the blooming flowers.

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“There’s a high need for joy in people’s lives and usually flowers bring that,” she continued. “It’s just kind of a special thing that most people find excitement through.”

While the idea was fostered in Kenzie’s mind over the years, it didn’t take root until the couple purchased the land they are currently living on, a sprawling acreage with abundant trees and plenty of room to bloom.

“We started growing cut flowers in our backyard when we lived in town, before we purchased this land,” Kenzie said. “We started doing it for fun and we found a lot of joy in it. When we bought this land, when we toured this area, it was like an aha moment.”

“It all just kind of fell together when I finally said it out loud,” she added.

The couple wasted little time making their dream a reality, altering the land on which the flowers now grow by taking out trees, tilling the soil and adding grass in areas.

Fencing was also either upgraded or added and by January of this year they were able to get their business off the ground, starting over 65,000 seeds in the basement of their home.

Even though not all of those seeds took, the couple still have an expansive tract of flowers from which to draw from and power their subscription-based service.

“Our big market is mostly people who want bouquets in their homes for small events,” Kenzie said. “We have a subscription program that we just kicked off where people can pay ahead of time and we deliver flowers or they can come and pick them up.”

The program is based on a delivery or pick-up and bouquets come in medium or large sizes. Thursdays are for pick-ups while Saturday’s they are delivered for a little bit of a higher charge.

“Then every other week five times, we’ll be delivering or picking up bouquets,” Kenzie said. “We have people who have done them as gifts.”

The subscription’s fun selling point is that the flowers delivered through the subscription are different depending on what’s available, guaranteeing a variety for people.

Kenzie said that so far, the business has garnered a good amount of support and they already have plans for the future.

“We’re going to expand this a lot,” she said. “Right now it might look small to some people, but we have tons of flowers. It provides for sure with our level right now. We plan on making this area longer on each end.”

The plan also calls for putting in raised flower boxes that will allow the couple to adjust the soil as needed and make it easier for people to harvest.

They also plan on offering the opportunity for people to come and pick their own flowers in order to build their own bouquets.

“We’re going to be offering a lot more experiences on top of the bouquets,” Kenzie said.

However, the subscription service isn’t all Rooted Flower Co. is offering. People can also take advantage of the long, twin rows of blooming sunflowers to create photos and experiences.

Already, Rooted Flower has been working with a photographer out of Austin to take senior photos at the sunflowers.

“We wanted to provide a unique service to the people in the community,” Kenzie said. “Austin and the surrounding area have been very receptive. We’re working with a local photographer right now that loves the sunflowers.”

“It’s worth it,” she added. “It’s a lot of hard work, but I think we have a lot of big things coming and expanding and take it to the next level.”

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