Roger Boughton: Rick Young has lived a life of service

Published 5:39 pm Friday, July 28, 2023

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Unsung heroes  are those who make a real difference in a community like Austin.  They are those special heroes who make the non-profits hum, the charities flourish and the small businesses prosper. You may not hear as much about them in the media, but you benefit from their dedication to their work and their ability to make their contribution to the community and their neighbors lives a little better. 

This hero  was an oral surgeon for over 29 years, helping multiple people with urgent and timely care. Upon retirement he entered his second life.

Today, I share with you the story of a very special person by the name of Rick Young. He was a hero long before he and his wife Carol moved to Austin in 1988. He grew up in Alaska  where he graduated from high school and moved to Iowa, where he received his dental degree at the University of Iowa. He was an oral surgeon when he landed in Austin in 1988.

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Rick retired from being an oral surgeon after 29 years and started a new life of volunteering. His goal was to give back to the community. It resulted from he and  Carol falling in love with Austin those many years ago. Also, it was in  his nature to be busy and not sit at home.  His life quickly filled up with his involvement in being a board member of the  Austin Symphony, Northwestern Singers, Austin Public Library, Early Risers Kiwanis, the Hormel Historic Home, the Austin Area Arts Board and an Austin Area Foundation board member.  When not attending board meetings you might find him riding throughout Mower County delivering meals on wheels for the county.

Rick is quick to tell anyone who will listen how welcoming the community of Austin was to he and his family upon their arrival those many  years ago.  His wife Carol, daughters Amanda and Janelle and son Paul were welcomed with open arms. The school system was superb and a community treasurer. However, even heroes have challenges in their life as he and Carol lost their daughter  Janelle this past January to illness.

Rick sees a bright future for the community of Austin during the next decade. He intends to remain in Austin and be a part of that future as this is where his friends live.