MINUTES 3/16/23

Published 9:13 am Monday, July 10, 2023


Austin, MN
The Austin Albert Lea Area Special Education Cooperative (AALASEC) Board met 3/16/23 via Teams from the District Offices at Austin and Albert Lea Schools. Chair Page called meeting to order at 11:30 am. Members present Joey Page, Ron Wagner, and Don Leathers. Neal Skaar absent.
Leathers/Wagner approval of amended agenda, 3-0
Wagner/Leathers to appoint Jennifer Walsh as Deputy Board Treasurer and Sharon Alms as Deputy Board Clerk, 3-0
Leathers/Wagner to authorize Jennifer Walsh and Joey Page as signatories to lease, purchase and contract for goods and services, 3-0
Wagner/Page to delegate the authority to make electronic transfers to Deputy Board Treasurer Jennifer Walsh and Contracted Accountant Bradley Carlton, 3-0
Leathers/Page to approve US Bank as depository, 3-0
Leathers/Wagner to approve MN School District Liquid Asset Fund as Joint Power Investment Trust, 3-0
Leathers/Wagner to approve Austin Daily Herald as official newspaper, 3-0
Leathers/Page to approve 12/7/22 meeting minutes, 3-0
Wagner/Leathers approval of December 2022 through February 2023 treasurer’s reports, 3-0
Leathers/Wager approval of bills for payment, 3-0
Wagner/Leathers to approve amendments to 2022-23 budget, 3-0
Leathers/Wagner to approve revised 516–Student Medication policy along with Naloxone procedures, 3-0
Principal Amy Schultz provided an operations report.
Wagner/Leathers to adjourn at 11:58 am, 3-0

By: Neal Skaar, Clerk
The above is a summary of meeting proceedings. The complete minutes are available for review in
the Superintendent’s Office, 401 Third Avenue NW, Austin.

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Austin Daily Herald:
July 8, 2023
MINUTES 3/16/23