Letter to the Editor: Answering a question of empathy

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Dear Austin Daily Herald,

I first want to thank the Journalist that reported on the Austin Public Library Drag Queen Story Time Mon. June 12, 2023. Such fair and unbiased reporting, which is extremely uncommon in the world today. Kudos to that person. Please thank him. Second, I want to thank the Austin Public Library for allowing me to share my concerns regarding this “program” at that meeting. They, too, were, in my opinion, very generous, and fair.

This letter is to respond to Roberta Mistretta’s Letter in the Daily Herald, on Sat. June 17, 2023.

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Roberta was so upset that she felt the need to respond to my comments at that meeting. I personally find it amusing that a 70 something year old woman will not even attempt to see the effects Drag Queening has on innocent, and pure minds. She states that I have a “lack of empathy toward others who may not be like me.” Well, that’s just silly. I am curious regarding her empathy for children and youth. You know, compassion, concern, tenderness, tender-heartedness, sensitivity, kindness, and insight regarding the innocent and pure minds of our children, and youth, immature and/or confused.

As to “mere mortals have no right to judge,” well, you are wrong. I am a “mere mortal” created in the image of God. We, whether it is acknowledged by someone, or not we are responsible to defend and protect the innocent. God loves us all, but He will not be mocked. So, yes, I am judging Drag Queening Story Time as inappropriate, and unnecessary for children and youth to be exposed to. I believe most people would agree.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. Oh, by the way, I do wear pants, dresses and sometimes make-up. But that doesn’t really matter now does it?

Connie Rose,

Austin, MN