SMART rightfully a part of documentary

Published 5:36 pm Friday, May 26, 2023

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News came out this week that SMART Transit, which operates in Austin, Albert Lea, Waseca and Owatonna, was part of a documentary focusing on how our lives were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SMART’s Kirk Kuchera, Chris Thompson, Kevin Hemann and Zavala Lopez look part in the public transit episode of “The COVID Confessions.” The series itself, which you may have read about already in the front page story, focuses on 40 industries and features over 330 individuals.

Throughout the pandemic, lives of people across the globe were altered in dramatic ways, and while we rightfully heard about the challenges of front line workers like medical and emergency professionals, it often went under the radar the work of professions like SMART transit. Thanks to this documentary, we are now hearing their stories.

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The work that SMART put in during the pandemic was most certainly as challenging as it was for most everybody, but when they could they continued to work and make sure people got to where they needed to go.

SMART is much needed resource for people who need to get groceries or make appointments, as well as those needing to get to healthcare appointments and the like.

Please watch the episode with SMART, and gain a much better understanding of what it was like for them and other public transit companies to keep the wheels rolling.