Sarah Lysne: Festus waxes poetic in explaining his joy of friends

Published 6:49 pm Friday, May 12, 2023

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My dog Festus loves to have company. 

He seems to be able to tell when someone will be visiting by the things that we do to get ready for guests. I think that he enjoys seeing our friends as much as we do. 

The joy of having company

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Somebody is making some coffee,

I can smell it.

Somebody put some cookies on a plate.

Maybe I can sneak one when they are not looking.

Sarah is sitting in the living room in her favorite chair.

I wonder who is coming?

Sarah has nice friends that bring me treats.

One of her friends brings me bacon!

Another friend brings me a salmon stick!

Another friend brings me a soft chewy treat!

I hear footsteps, I will jump on the couch and look out

the window and see who it is. 

I will wait patiently at the door so I can greet them.

I wag my tail so they know I am happy to see them.

I am so loved.

By, Festus (The family dog)