Treasure hunt to raise money for humane society

Published 8:38 pm Friday, April 14, 2023

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Would you like to solve a mystery by using clues, riddles and puzzles to find a treasure? Then this is just the thing for you! 

The Hunt II – “The Mystery Of The Golden Sphere” will take pace from May 1 through Sept. 30 with proceeds going toward the Mower County Humane Society.

The contest consists of a Golden Sphere hidden somewhere in Austin and by using the puzzling clues provided in a pamphlet will lead you to the sphere.

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 The mystery of the golden sphere

Ages ago when there were castles with dungeons A golden sphere came into the hands of a wizard named Pirmantgen.

It held more powers than anyone’s wildest imagination, which made it sought after by all generations.

Not wanting it to fall into the clutches of evil, It’s been hidden away since the days of medieval. Some say it’s a myth and some say it’s true.

What do you think it’s all up to you. The following may be clues claimed written by his hand. Will they lead you to the sphere hidden somewhere in this land?

If you are up to solving this puzzle then give it your best, and maybe you can finally lay this mystery to rest.

 Rules and Regulations:

• Must be at least 16 years of age to register.  Children under 16 years of age may participate with registered players at no cost.

• All participants must be registered to play.

• You can register at 309 11th Ave. SW, Austin, MN. Please call 438-7755 before coming over to make sure someone will be here.

• There will be a $20 registration fee: $15 will be Donated to the Mower County Humane Society and $5 goes to the prize money.

• The Sphere may be hid anywhere but will not be placed in any area that will put a person in harms way while looking for it.

• If found the Sphere must be turned in ASAP.Turn in the sphere at 309 11th Ave. SW. Again, please call 438-7755 before coming over

• The prize money will be determined at the time of the Golden Sphere being turned in.

• You can follow on Facebook on: “The Mystery Of The Golden Sphere”