Letter to the Editor: Get involved with what the Legislature is doing

Published 6:09 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2023

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To the editor,

Every day, Minnesota laws are being passed and denied, determining the fate of our communities, and some of us feel the weight of it all passing us by. Sometimes it is easy to pretend we have no power or part to play, but that is not true. 

As a 24-year-old full-time graduate school student with two jobs, I admit I am too busy at times to slow down and pay attention to the changes being made in our great state. We are all busy; trust me, I know you are busy, but bills are being introduced that we all care about, and we can support bills that support U.S. 

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Our wants and needs are being addressed without us, which needs to change. We all need to get involved. 

Issues related to animals, crimes, counties, education, food, housing, and SO much more, I urge everyone to go to www.leg.mn.gov/leg/legis to see Minnesota State Legislature and search Bills By Topic. 

There is something for every single Minnesotan! Some of us do not have time to sit and read bill after bill, I get it! 

Go to www.house.mn.gov/htv/schedule.asp to watch videos of meetings with options to follow on Twitter, Instagram, emails, news updates, and more. 

Explore their website and get involved in any way you can. If the process of creating laws is confusing to you, it can be to me as well, YouTube has so many videos to break it down for you and explain how you can get more directly involved! I believe in you and know with a little effort you can feel confident in your voice on current issues and make a difference. 

Harlie Osberg

Austin, MN