Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in library drag program

Published 8:12 pm Friday, April 14, 2023

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I am disappointed that Austin Public Library is hosting a Drag Queen Story Time in the summer activities for children. Many believe drag story time and drag queen shows are harmless to themselves and their kids. I do not.

Drag is anti-God ideology and is a mockery of womanhood as men dress up as women, often like prostitutes, and perform before audiences that often include children. Using drag queen story time is a simple step toward desensitizing young children, luring them to be more receptive to this unhealthy and ungodly sexual behavior. The goal of drag ideology is the sexual grooming of children; they openly say they are coming for your children. We have realized that “blackface” has  been used to mock people of color, and in the same way, drag is a mocking of women by men. Taking your children to listen to stories by a drag queen only encourages them to accept the anti-God ideology of LGBTQ.

In Genesis 1:27, the Bible tells us that God created man in His own image, making them male and female. When we reject our maleness or femaleness, it is to our detriment and a slap in the face of God who created us in His image and called it good. We must protect the minds of our children.

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Chichi Mosher

Austin, MN