Community Salute: Hope from many

Published 8:24 pm Friday, April 14, 2023

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Even though its been in the works for nearly a year now, the Hometown Food Security Project took one of its biggest steps to date on Wednesday with a summit that brought people from throughout the community and county together to begin forming action teams.

The action teams will then take a sustained approach to seeking answers for the complicated question of food insecurity. 

The project itself, which leverages the resources of several businesses such as Hormel Food Corps and organizations such as the United Way of Mower County, isn’t trying necessarily to find a quick fix to the question of food insecurity, but rather hopes to develop a support network in order to find ways to approach the problem with concentrated and long term solutions. 

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As much as we would all like a band-aid to put over food insecurity, the problem has far too many facets for one single organization to fix.

That’s why we are so optimistic to see so many people taking part in Wednesday’s summit. This work will be a multilevel challenge requiring a coalition of single-minded and determined individuals working together.

It’s hard to even really imagine how many people are going to be helped by these souls wanting so much to give of themselves to find sensible and sustainable solutions to food insecurity.

This, we hope, is  a bright future in Mower County.