Sarah Lysne: The joy of prioritizing part II

Published 6:25 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

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In my last column, I wrote about my top three priorities in life, which are my health, my faith and the human connection.  I’d like to think that I prioritize my activities in this order, but often I don’t.

Let’s face it, taking care of our mental and physical health can be a challenge. It often requires me to be proactive or to change my routine.  I used to enjoy typing this column in the evening when everything seemed quieter, but now I have to type it in the daytime when I have more energy.

Unfortunately, I used to base my self esteem on how many things I completed on my “to do “ list.  This isn’t working for me anymore and that is okay.  We all only have so much energy, and I have learned that it is often more important to look at “what” we do instead of “how much” we do. I have also realized that there are things on my “to do” list that don’t HAVE to get done, ever, no matter what my ego tells me.

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Finally, I’ve learned that when I don’t feel good, I need to pause and ask myself, “What do I need right now?” Do I need to just sit and watch the snow fall and relax? Do I need to exercise? Do I need to be around people? When I take time to pause and figure out what I need, I am taking care of myself, and I always feel better.

Join me next week for, “The joy of prioritizing part III.”