Sarah Lysne: The joy of prioritizing human connections

Published 6:10 pm Friday, March 10, 2023

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“What advice would you give to your younger self?”

That was the question photographer and writer, Imran Nuri, asked 1,000 people all across the United States. Nuri was interviewed on CBS News last weekend.

Nuri is writing a book about the experience, which will include photos of the people he interviewed.

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When asked if there was a common theme in the answers to his question, Nuri said, “Yes, human connection.”

He explained that he had interviewed a man who had cancer, and the man said he wished he would have spent more time connecting with people and less time working. He added that he had made more meaningful relationships after his cancer diagnosis than he had made in his life before cancer.

Making that human connection takes time and effort. Sometimes it also requires us to be trusting and vulnerable, if we have the courage to share our joys and sorrows.

Besides my health and my faith, making meaningful human connections, is my top priority.