In Your Community: Duplicate Bridge

Published 5:41 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2023

There were three and a half tables (seven teams) playing this last day in February at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin, and eight teams (four tables) played on Wednesday.

Players come from Austin, Albert Lea, Rose Creek, and Mason City, Iowa. Both sessions starting at 11:30 a.m.

Tuesdays winners were:

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First place, Larry Crowe and Bill Momsen

Second place, Joyce Crowe and Millie Siever

Third place, John Leisen and Rick Stroup with Dave Lillemon ‘quibitzing’

Wednesday winner were:

First place, Dave Ring and Stan Schultz

Second place, Bonnie Fritz and Lorraine Quinlivan

Third place, Jim Fisher and Larry Crowe

Fourth place, Barb Rofshus and Paul Hanson

We have often mentioned the fact that duplicate bridge is easy to play. For one reason because the game is truly transparent. It’s all in the bidding. For example, in playing the game of 500 one never knows for sure  who has the joker. In bridge, if someone opens the bidding by bidding one club the bidder’s partner must announce that his partner’s bidding might be short. So now, everyone at the table knows that the opener has an opening count hand. It could be a valid club suit or artificial. My partner and I play the following: Partner opens 1 no trump. I must immediately announce that its a transfer. If I respond 2 hearts, I am telling him I have five spades. Keep in mind that in between bids an opponent, when it’s their turn to bid, may ask anything he does not understand.

We have several experts who are mostly always there such as Larry Crowe on Tuesday and Dave Ring on Wednesday plus other seasoned players. We all have one thing in mind, and that is to increase our numbers and share the love and experience offered in learning this game. We note that the cover on the February ACBL shows the King of the Hill, from the Boston area, was named the 2022 Player of the Year award. His name is Zach Grossack, age 25. Somehow, we need to get the word out that these young minds are the future of this game.