Community Salute: A chance to join an experience

Published 6:23 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

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The journey through school should be about education, but it should also be about experience; something each student can take away with them when education journey through high school is complete.

Austin High School has always been good about providing its students experiences whether that’s through sports, FFA, speech, trap shooting and much more. Now you can add weightlifting to that.

It’s a competitive sport that focus on individual interests of a competitor, requiring great amounts of internal fortitude and concentration.

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While it’s good for students who may not want to compete with a team sport, weightlifting is a perfect way to still compete.

More than that though its yet another outlet that provides the opportunity to involve more students. Nothing but good things come from students when they are allowed to express themselves and take part in an opportunity that speaks to them.

Kudos to Jacy Bodie and those students taking part in the weightlifting program at AHS. We hope more students take the opportunity to reach out and try something new and know that there is something for everybody at AHS.