Sarah Lysne: The joy of every season

Published 5:50 pm Friday, February 3, 2023

Our lives go through so many different seasons.

When our kids were little, I was in the season of photography. People with adult children were always reminding me to enjoy every moment because they will grow up so fast. I know that they meant well by this comment, but somehow it made me feel anxious.

So instead of just enjoying the moments of their childhood years, I tried to also capture every moment. This was before cell phones. I don’t even want to think about all the money I spent on film and having pictures developed! All I know is that I have tons of pictures.

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When our sons and our daughter were in school, we spent years watching; T-ball, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, dance and tennis. This was definitely our sports season.

After our kids left home, I found myself in the singing season of my life. I was often singing with my church choir, the church Praise Team or leading music at residential care facilities.

Now I find myself in a writing season. I never thought I would have the patience to write two books, but it’s not overwhelming when I write one column at a time.

Each season is memorable, with its own share of joys and difficulties.

I like to think that I have the curiosity and wonder of a child. I believe I have many more adventures ahead, if I am open to possibilities.