Letter to the Editor: Leave all ideas on the table

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Republicans threaten America’s wealth and economic security. They promise catastrophic default. Republicans refuse to pay for the tax cuts and spending they authorized under Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden.

Default on US bonds will be catastrophic to the United States. It will make the US dollar a second class currency. Americans will suffer irrevocable hardship. The US Chamber of Commerce, the American Bankers Association, and every economic expert declare Republicans pledge to default — madness.

The last time Republicans just threatened default, the US credit rating was downgraded.

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Republicans demand solutions or promise default. Yet, they oppose revenue to reduce the deficit. They shifted to opposing Social Security, Medicare, or Military Veterans Benefits cuts. No cuts are proposed to the 2023 Armed Services Bill. No cuts are proposed to the 2023 Farm Bill. That’s 80% of the budget. No solution remains.

Why promise economic suicide and take all alternatives off the table? Is default stupidity or purposeful sabotage? Is the economy too good for Republicans?

Staff for First District United States Representative Brad Finstad said to me on Feb. 23, 2023, that Rep. Finstad has no position on US default. What is Rep. Finstad thinking?

Maybe; 1st Republicans force a default CREATING AN ECONOMIC CRISIS in 2023. Then, Republicans blame Democrats in 2024 elections. If Republicans gain power, they dismantle Social Security and Medicare, citing the crisis (Republicans created). Trillions more for rich guy tax cuts, a huge Defense Bill and more Farm Bill waste?

Call Rep. Finstad at 1-202-225-8901.

Sigurd Scheurle

Winona, MN