Community salute: Further steps made to water quality

Published 6:04 pm Friday, February 10, 2023

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This week, it was announced that a grant of $395,000 from the State of Minnesota will allow the Cedar River Watershed District to restore over half a mile stretch of Dobbin’s Creek’s north branch, located southeast of Brownsdale.

The work will reconnect the stream to its flood plain and address erosive areas that will also improve habitat for wet bugs and fish, both of which are indicators of a stream’s health.

The work that has been done on water bodies like Dobbin’s Creek has been vital over the years not only in improving the bodies of water, but also in solving challenges resulting flash floods. Those living in and around Austin are all too aware of how damaging these events have been.

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By cleaning these waterways further upstream of bramble and congestion, the CRWD is taking another step toward an even healthier system that will address these issues as well as providing possible sources of water recreation.

Among the work that will be done will include creating pools and rock riffles in the creek channel to support better habitat for the wet bugs and fish.

Plants will also be introduced along the creek that will help reshaped stream-banks. Tree blockages that cause erosion will be removed and rocks will be placed in highly erosive spots.

We are routinely applauding the work done by the CRWD and will continue to do so as efforts progress to improve the quality of our water ways in and around Austin.