Packer boys take seventh in True Team meet

Published 12:59 pm Monday, January 16, 2023

The Austin boys took seventh place out of eight teams at the Section 1A True Team swimming and diving meet in Northfield Saturday.

Brent Dahl took third in the 500-yard freestyle and fourth in the 200-yard freestyle for the Packers.


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Team standings: 1. Northfield 1,372; 2. Simley 1,131; Mankato East 1,128; 4. Winona 949; 5. Mankato West 893; 6. New Prague 854; 7. Austin 799; 8. Faribault 613

200-medley relay: Winston Walkup, Lucas Myers, Joey Hilkin, Kenny Cabeen (third, 1:45.93); Zach Evenson, Hunter Peters, Carter Holt, Zach Voogd (11th, 1:58.18); Jackson Hilkin, Noah Holt, Thomas Asmus, Gage Rasmussen (21st, 2:13.14)

200-freestyle: Brent Dahl (fourth, 1:53.45); Winston Walkup (13th, 1:59.36); Noah Holt (20th, 2:12.94)

200-individual medley: Lucas Myers (sixth, 2:16.68); Joey Hilkin (11th, 2:23.90)

50-freestyle: Kenny Cabeen (fifth, 23.64); Carter Holt (13th, 25.12); Riley Ferguson (31st, 30.80)

Diving: Riley Ferguson (sixth, 285.20); Gage Rasmussen (12th, 207.75)

100-butterfly: Joey Hilkin (fifth, 58.96)

100-freestyle: Kenny Cabeen (fourth, 51.60); Zach Evenson (sixth, 52.61); Jackson Hilkin (25th, 1:01.66)

500-freestyle: Brent Dahl (third, 5:09.45); Hunter Peters (14th, 5:48.64)

200-freestyle relay: Kenny Cabeen, Lucas Myers, Joey Hilkin, Brent Dahl (third, 1:35.79); Carter Holt, Jackson Hilkin, Zach Voogd, Hunter Peters (14th, 1:48.71); Thomas Asmus, Gage Rasmussen, Riley Ferguson, Samuel Vortherms (29th, 2:15.13)

100-backstroke: Winston Walkup (third, 58.17); Zach Evenson (sixth, 1:02.88); Jackson Hilkin (20th, 1:10.32)

100-breaststroke: Lucas Myers (10th, 1:11.37); Carter Holt (14th, 1:12.62)

400-freestyle relay: Winston Walkup, Brent Dahl, Hunter Peters, Zach Evenson (fifth, 3:36.50); Noah Holt, Riley Ferguson, Zach Voogd, Thomas Asmus (21st, 4:33.65)