Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in police due diligence

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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The lack of due diligence in our police department is extremely disappointing. Reports are not taken seriously. In addition, it appears that they are not interested in anyone repeatedly violating felony probation.

Drinking and driving does not seem to be taken seriously by the police department. It was reported that felony probation had been broken repeatedly by drinking and driving.

Numerous reports had been made not only to probation officers, but also anonymous tips on several different occasions that were made from several concerned Austin citizens. Some of which even included a formal complaint that was sent to the Captain of the Police Department.

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It was reported that on one side of the person’s vehicle it looked like they had hit something as the mirror appeared to be broken. Yet NOTHING at all was done.

On an evening in mid Fall, they ended up rolling their vehicle TWICE. Fortunately, they did not hurt or kill anyone, but this very well could have happened.

This whole situation among others could be avoided if the police department had taken these numerous reports seriously. This person very easily could have killed or seriously injured someone.

With as many officers that our tax dollars pay, it’s too bad that things like this continue to happen.

A serious look into restructuring the funds to the Austin’s finest needs to be done and soon.

Extremely frustrated,

Serena Wilson

Austin, MN