Sarah Lysne: The joy of Christmas memories part IV

Published 5:01 pm Friday, December 23, 2022

About 20 years ago, my family and I attended a little Methodist church. 

One year, the church members decided to have a live Nativity.  The Nativity would be a Christmas gift to the Austin community.

There was a lot of planning that happened before the event.

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One of the couples, who were members of the church, volunteered to bring two cows from their farm.

A simple stable was constructed and filled with straw.

A man with horses and a sleigh agreed to give sleigh rides at the event.

Church members volunteered to play various parts in the Nativity scene.

Costumes were gathered and cookies were baked.

The night of the event was almost magical. It was fun to see the Christmas story come to life.

Unfortunately, it was very cold, but people still attended.

Organizers did their best to recreate the Christmas story, but there was one exception.  Hot apple cider and Christmas cookies were served inside the church to keep everyone warm and happy.

Merry Christmas!