Our opinion: Make the world better

Published 6:06 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2022

In just a few days we will depart 2022 and enter a blank slate in 2023.

Every time we begin something new, there lies before us a fresh palette, just waiting for us to paint on the surface of opportunity.

For many people, this comes in the form of New Year’s resolutions; a moment for us to set aside those goals that will make us better people in the new year. More often than not these resolutions include losing weight, eating better, working out, etc. These are all worthy goals, but the fact is many of us make these resolutions, not in jest necessarily, but in moments lacking 100% conviction because the reality is we tend not to think so far down the road with our resolutions.

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Not all of us of course. We commend those who follow through in their resolutions. Goals are often hard to stick with.

However, we invite you to also consider being more broad in your resolutions and carry through the entire year. We’re not talking so much about being specific, though, kudos to you if you do go that route.

Rather, we’re asking you to simplify it by just being a good person. A better person.

Let’s be frank, life is often a challenge these days. We’re ready to fight over the littlest perceived provocation and a combination of things, including a pandemic that just won’t let go, has us questioning our collective mental health.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, but there are small things we can do that maybe aren’t noticeable on the surface, but create a ripple effect as waves across a pond that can have an overall effect on us all.

Take the time to smile at the person who smiles at you in the store. Instead of being derogatory, be uplifting. Say ‘thank you’ to your server at the restaurant.

Be generous to those around you and be willing to hold the door for that person with arms full.

It’s true these gestures may not be noticeable to others by next year’s greeting of 2024, but it will be noticeable to you. You are making a difference.

That person who smiled at you in the store, may be changed by the smile in return when they needed it most.

In this new year we need each other more than ever. Let’s try to be there for each other.