Seasonal shopping: Local businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday

Published 6:48 pm Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Local businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday

We all know the drill. Families get together, Thanksgiving dinner is served and then it’s time to get out and look for deals.

Black Friday has become as big a tradition as any other as the weather cools off and snow fills the air, but there is a more community minded way to shop this time of year.

A2Z Treasures and Thrift Store manger Tina Quandt prepares the store for this upcoming Small Business Saturday. Rocky Hulne/

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Many Austin businesses are participating in Small Business Saturday, and they are offering good deals to get customers in the store.

The Hardy Geranium, which is already stocked up on all things festive, is offering 30% off all items to get you stocked up for the Christmas season. There are wreaths, poinsettias and even decorations to help warm up your home.

“We always try to do something for Small Business Saturday,” said Hardy Geranium owner Vicki Trimble. “I always try to ignore Black Friday, because everyone is always going to the big box stores. Christmas is our biggest season of the year.”

The COVID-19 pandemic brought out the best in the community as many aimed to shop local so they wouldn’t lose their favorite stops in Austin. Now it’s time to keep that spirit going.

The Hardy Geranium is already decked out for the holiday season as local businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday. Rocky Hulne/

“During COVID, people were very good about shopping local, but now that they can travel, it’s dialed back a bit,” Trimble said. “Hopefully they remember us all.”

A2Z Treasures Thrift Store is also giving customers a chance to save money as everything besides furniture in the store will be half off.

It’s a great chance to load up for the holidays, or grab a household item or two that needs replacing.

“We’ve got everything from A to Z,” said manager Tina Quandt. “This is the first time we’ve done this. Usually we only do 10 or 25% off and it hasn’t been bad, but this year we’re going for something different. We’re hoping that this brings in a lot of people.”

Wherever you shop this weekend, be sure to give local businesses a look. You just may find the bargain that you’ve been searching for.