Paid Political Letter: Listen to the KAUS Senate District 23 Debate

Published 5:59 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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KAUS radio (1480 AM) had a debate between Senate challengers Brandon Lawhead and Gene Dornink. This debate can be streamed at

One of the highlights of the debate was the discussion of Senator Dornink’s introduction of Senate Bill 356. This bill would ban abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected. It also specifies criminal penalties for abortions. Senator Dornink said SF 356 was a “message bill.” The message loud and clear is that Gene Dornink wants to take away women’s rights over their own bodies, a freedom that women fought for and won almost 50 years ago, and he will do it at his first chance.

This bill has no exceptions for rape or incest. If the bill had become law the 10-year-old child raped in Ohio would have been required to carry her pregnancy to term if she lived in Minnesota.

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There was an exception for a “medical emergency” that would avert the death of the mother or a “serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.” This bill would delay timely care for all pregnancy related health complications, while lawyers-not doctors-determine if care can be legally provided. The delays in care provided faced by women for conditions like hydatidiform mole, ectopic pregnancy, incompetent cervix, miscarriage, etc. if this bill became law would increase the risk of complications or death.

Another bill introduced by Senator Dornink was Senate Bill 3679, the Student Religious Liberty Act. This has incomprehensible language which would have accomplished nothing other than embroil school districts in endless wasteful litigation from both sides of the issue.

When confronted during the closing statements, Gene Dornink did not deny that he would restrict access to birth control if he could.

Gene Dornink has extremist positions that do not represent District 23. Please vote for Brandon Lawhead for District 23 Senator.

Joe Pacovsky

Hayward, MN