Paid Political Letter: Ettinger will serve the best interests of southern Minnesota

Published 5:57 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

In a campaign letter from Brad Finstad, he refers to Jeff Ettinger as a “liberal” who aligns himself with the “extreme Biden-Pelosi-Ettinger agenda “which is out to “destroy America” — we didn’t realize Jeff already has that much influence! The Jeff Ettinger we know served 10 years as the CEO of a highly successful Fortune 500 company, Hormel Foods. He was named one of the “Best CEOs” by Barrons in 2016. During his tenure, Jeff expanded the Hormel tradition of profit sharing with its employees, and maintained a strong wage/benefit package in a very competitive industry. He put special emphasis on fact-based science and innovative Research & Development.

As the present Chairman of the Hormel Foundation, Jeff is helping to improve (not “destroy”) the quality of life in Austin and neighboring communities, including a program that gives students access to fully funded two-year college degrees. After retiring from Hormel Foods, Jeff helped establish an Agribusiness class at the Carlson School for MBA students in 2017.

The class places emphasis on critical THINKING skills and the fact that the “making of high-level decisions means considering a host of factors and stakeholders.”

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If elected to Congress, Jeff hopes to help fellow representatives better understand the global economy, supply chains, and the things that are driving the rising costs across our District, this country, and the world. He is a moderate voice experienced in trying to SOLVE problems.

Mr. Finstad chastises Jeff for spending some of his own money on his campaign — we think that would make Jeff less dependent on special interests and more independent in serving the best interests of southern Minnesota. For sure, he won’t be caught up in the QAnon conspiracy theories, or the 2020 “BIG LIE” that the presidential election was stolen, or minimizing the effects of the January 6, 2021, insurrection/riot on the U.S. Capitol, or other divisive rhetoric that has engulfed much of the GOP.  Jeff will fight to bring some sanity to the political arena.

We strongly endorse Jeff Ettinger to represent District ONE in the US Congress. Please exercise your right to VOTE.

David Ruzek

Scott Richardson

Richard Waldman

Austin, MN