Letter to the Editor: We have the right to vote without threat

Published 6:15 pm Friday, November 4, 2022

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As a nation we are divided on many issues — abortion, guns, and immigration to name a few. But there is something on the ballot this year that should be a priority when we vote —  and that I’m sorry to say is democracy. The right to vote and the obligation to accept the results are being challenged by one of the major political parties under the guise of “election integrity.” Accusations of “massive fraud” in our elections have not held up but that has not stopped candidates from advocating new laws to make it harder to vote and easier to challenge the results of elections. One candidate for state office is proposing a new law to enable citizens to petition for forensic audits in future elections. No matter what your position is on issues, we should all agree that the right to vote without threat or intimidation and the obligation to accept the results of a legitimate election are the basis of our democracy. Any candidate who plans to deny the results of an election should he or she lose does not deserve your vote.

Jan Mrachek

Wabasha, MN

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