Paid Political Letter: Brandon Lawhead understands the justice system

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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I am writing this letter in support of Brandon Lawhead as a candidate for the Minnesota Senate. I have known Brandon since he was a kid at Austin Packer football games, asking me questions about my NFL career. Brandon worked hard in school and became a lawyer. As an attorney with over 25 years experience, who has created law in the appellate courts, I believe Brandon has a unique perspective of the justice system, and it will serve our district well in the Minnesota Senate. For example, Brandon understands the big problem with law enforcement recruitment. Brandon is a community activist, and he started a free football camp for local kids featuring NFL players. Brandon understands that community safety starts with offering opportunities for kids to be involved in health activities. In fact, Brandon invited me to participate in the football camp. I was delighted to see how Brandon used the football camp to reinforce trust between law enforcement officers and children by having the uniformed police officers give out NFL players autographs.

Brandon’s law firm represented many police officers in worker’s compensation matters, when the police officers were injured in the line of duty.

I strongly support Brandon Lawhead’s candidacy for Minnesota Senate.

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David Simonson

Austin, MN