Packer swimmers fall to Rochester Mayo

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Austin girls swimming and diving team lost to Rochester Mayo 93-88 in Bud Higgins Pool Tuesday.

Alayna Kennedy took first in diving with a score of 215.08.


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200-medley relay: Grace Greenman, Kaylee Butts, Addison tobak, Anna Kossman (second, 2:03.93); Jaycie Pollack, Anita Rao, Addison Walsh, Leah Pischke (fifth, 2:16.29)

200-freestyle: Abbie Boysen (second, 2:10.85); Sydney Tobak (fifth, 2:21.08); Jaycie Pollack (sixth, 2:27.65)

200-individual medley: Kaylee Butts (fourth, 2:43.32); Addison Walsh (fifth, 2:46.18); Addison Tobak (sixth, 2:46.51)

50-freestyle: Olivia Walsh (second, 25.71); Alivia Hemry (third, 27.34); Leah Pischke (sixth, 29.37)

Diving: Alayna Kennedy (first, 215.08); Reese Norton (second, 211.60); Rachel Engelstad (fourth, 171.15)

100-butterfly: Addison Walsh (fourth, 1:16.72); Jaycie Pollack (fifth, 1:17.53); Madison Tauger (sixth, 1:28.74)

100-freestyle: Olivia Walsh (second, 57.03); Sydney Tobak (fifth, 1:04.48); Leah Pischke (sixth, 1:04.52)

500-freestyle: Gracie Greenman (first, 5:39.58); Abbie Boysen (fourth, 6:05.51); Anna Kossman (fifth, 6:16.80)

200-freestyle relay: Olivia Walsh, Alivia Hemry, Kaylee Butts, Abbie Boysen (first, 1:;47.81); Jaycie Pollack, Leah Pischke, Madison Tauger, Sydney Tobak (fifth, 1:56.55); Sherilyn Spear, Emma Czarnota, Anita Rao, Aliani Thiravrong (sixth, 2:02.31)

100-backstroke: Gracie Greenman (first, 1:06.66); Anna Kossman (fifth, 1:12.83); Emma Czarnota (fourth, 1:22.06)

100-breaststroke: Kaylee Butts (second, 1:19.26); Alivia Hemry (third, 1:21.64); Addison Tobak (sixth,  1:24.75)

400-freestyle relay: Olivia Walsh, Gracie Greenman, Abbie Boysen, Alivia Hemry (first, 4:02.09); Anna Kossman, Sydney Tobak, Addison Walsh, Addison Tobak (fourth, 4:27.41); Sherilyn Spear, Halle Burke, Emma Czanota, Madison Tauger (fifth, 4:51.41)