Sarah Lysne: The joy of playing in an orchestra part II

Published 5:05 pm Friday, September 30, 2022

This column is continued from last week.

“Your finger nails are too long!” But, Mr. Briceland was a problem solver. He took a nail clipper out of his pocket and started to cut all the nails on my left hand! My classmates watched in disbelief, as the tips of my light blue painted finger nails fell to the ground with each click of the clipper. My friends had always told me I had the best finger nails in the whole class, and I was proud of that. Every week I would file them and paint them. Now the nails on my left hand looked terrible, but I was able to play a string instrument!

I chose to play the viola, and I played it until I graduated from high school. I enjoyed playing in an orchestra. Each instrument has such a unique sound. Even today when I hear the Austin Symphony Orchestra play a familiar piece, I can pick out the viola part.

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Performing in an orchestra gave me a deep appreciation for classical music.

Sometimes I wish I would have kept playing. The truth is that I didn’t enjoy practicing alone.

On the up side, I now have nice finger nails again! I take a lot of supplements so they grow pretty fast. My mom gives me a professional manicure once a month. I have an assortment of nail polish options to choose from, but I am missing one of my favorite nail polish colors. You guessed it, light blue.