Sarah Lysne: The joy of being part of an orchestra

Published 9:52 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

Last weekend I had the privilege of listening to some beautiful hymns played on piano and violin. I appreciate the complexity of certain pieces because I once played the piano and the viola.  I did not keep playing the piano, and I almost missed my chance at playing the viola. 

Many of you probably remember being interested in playing an instrument when you were in fifth grade.  When I was in fifth grade, my family and I lived in Mason City, Iowa.  I attended Harding Elementary.

I remember the excitement of the day my class went to our school library to try out different instruments.  We were all anxious to see if we were candidates for band or orchestra. My excitement faded when I learned that I wasn’t a candidate for either one.  I wasn’t able to play any of the band instruments, and Mr. Briceland, the orchestra teacher, said my fingers were too weak to play a string instrument.

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The following day my teacher asked me to return to the library with a few students who needed to try a string instrument.  When it was my turn Mr. Briceland said he just couldn’t believe that my fingers were too weak and he wanted me to try again.  He helped me place my fingers on the strings of the violin, and then he exclaimed, “Now I see what the problem is!”

This story will be continued next Saturday.