Letter to Editor: Time to take stock and start turning the world around

Published 4:56 pm Friday, September 9, 2022

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There is so much wrong in this world today that it’s just about impossible to have any confidence that things can or will turn around for the better.

Money: The average retirement funds put away by boomers is about $230,000. Assuming they will live a mere 10 years in retirement, that gives them about $480 a month. So, you might want to re-think the need for socialism even though that is not at all what the “Left” proposes.

Overpopulation: Take an apple, cut it in 12 pieces — skin one of those pieces — that is the amount of arable land remaining on the planet in which to support our food needs.

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Climate: Tie this in with the above — fire, floods, drought — I think you see where I’m going — OR watch “Soylent Green” for new ideas on how to feed the masses.

Roe v. Wade: This also ties in with the population. Know that there will be way too many unwanted babies born to those who have actually taken birth control measures. There will be women who are not allowed medical care due to a miscarriage with the high likelihood both mother and child will die. “Right to Lifers” are for more babies! Where are they when these babies become turn-key adolescents whose parents aren’t there for them since both need to work for an income to support capitalism?

The Environment: It takes 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to make one calorie of processed food. The non-food items sold primarily in the center of the grocery store have absolutely NO nutritional value — no food for the brain and for every extra pound an American gains, we are using 39 million gallons of fuel this increasing atmospheric CO2 and then we’re back to climate chaos.

Politics and Crime: Ever since 1900, crime has increased by 66% under every Republican administration. They appeal to their constituents by using lies, fear and manipulation. Since the 1950s, they have whittled down our education system so that people actually buy into the sociopathy of their MAGA extremists. We are on the cusp of fascism, we will lose our democracy and the 1% will not be there for those of you who believe the lies.

Please start thinking for yourselves — as Ralph Nadar’s father asked him each day after coming home from school: “Son, today did you learn how to believe or did you learn how to think?”

Roberta Mistretta

Austin, MN