County Board looking for 1.9% levy increase

Published 8:54 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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The County Board of Commissioners has set a target levy increase of 1.9% for 2023 during a work session Tuesday afternoon.

Currently, the levy is sitting at a 2.1% increase resulting in $23,746,318, however, the board unanimously expressed a desire to bring that down to under 2%

“If we can get it back to (1.9%), that would be ideal,” said Commissioner Jerry Reinartz. “If we can keep our budget down to 1.9%, I think the county board is doing its job.”

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The initial number set was for a 5.5% increase, a number the board thought much too high, though many of the commissioners admitted surprise that it wasn’t even higher considering the current economic climate and inflation pressures.

“That says something about out department heads to keep it even at that,” Commission Chair Jeff Baldus said of the 5.5% number.

Still, commissioners are eager to get back to the drawing board to try and find an estimated $246,000 to trim to get to the 1.9%.

One of the areas that will be looked at will be equipment purchases slated for next year that could be brought forward to be paid for out of this year’s budget.

The county board will look to pass an official resolution at next Tuesday’s meeting. After that, the levy can not go up and can only be cut further.