Swanson: Power up with plants and an Eggstra Nutrition Boost!

Published 3:06 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2022

As summer comes to a wrap, planning is an important part of keeping us on track for getting back to busy while maintaining healthy eating habits. It’s time to power your day with help from fiber-rich plants and protein-packed eggs!

Did you know that eggs can fit into a heart-healthy diet? Plus, consuming more fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

How do we make eating veggies as habitual as brushing our teeth? Pair them with the endlessly versatile egg. At breakfast, lunch or dinner, pairing vegetables and eggs increases preference, establishing lifelong habits over time. And pairing a source of protein and fiber can help fill you up at mealtime – helping with weight management, blood sugar control and more.

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Not only are eggs a good source of protein, they are also a rich source of choline, which helps support lifelong brain health at every age and stage, including memory, thinking, mood and more. Additionally, eggs can help you better absorb the nutrients found in vegetables, such as vitamin E and carotenoids.

Eggs and veggies are a perfect pairing!

Breakfast is the meal where the fewest vegetables are eaten but the easiest to incorporate. Ready in just 5 minutes and including just 5 ingredients, Microwave Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowls put you one step closer to building a habit of veggies at breakfast. Try this delicious and nutritious recipe for a nutrient-dense breakfast that packs in the produce. Serve it with a piece of fresh fruit and a slice of whole-wheat toast with nut butter to round out the meal. Bonus: This recipe is Heart-Check Certified by the American Heart Association.

Microwave Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Serves 1

All you need:

1 egg

2 tbsp thinly sliced baby spinach

2 tbsp chopped mushrooms

2 tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese

2 cherry tomatoes, sliced

All you do:

1. Coat an 8-ounce ramekin or custard cup with cooking spray. Add egg, spinach and mushrooms;

beat with a fork until blended.

2. Microwave on high for 30 seconds; stir. Microwave again until egg is almost set, 30 to 45

seconds longer.

3. Top with cheese and tomatoes. Serve immediately.

Recipe source: https://www.incredibleegg.org/recipes/microwave-egg-veggie-breakfast-bowl/

Looking for a few extra ideas? Make the most of every meal and snack time by including color with your eggs:

Make a veggie egg omelet by loading it with leftover vegetables. It takes the prep work out of the equation and reduces food waste!

Bake eggs in a muffin tin with chopped vegetables and fresh herbs and spices for an on-the-go breakfast.

Make a stir-fry with eggs for protein and load it with veggies – fresh or frozen.

For more great ideas to pair eggs with vitamin-rich plants – visit with a Hy-Vee registered dietitian today.

The information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.