Sarah Lysne: The joy and comfort of quilts

Published 6:06 pm Friday, July 15, 2022

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Madeline and Dorcas were our children’s great-grandmothers.  They both made quilts for each of our three children.

My grandma Dorcas lived to be 102, and I know she made over 20 quilts for her great-grandchildren. Each quilt is a treasure and a special memory of grandma.

I remember how my husband’s grandma Madeline would swaddle each baby in their new quilt and then wrap them in her arms as she rocked them from side to side.

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Since my ALS diagnosis, I have been blessed with a few quilts of my own. I have a quilt for every season. I am not a quilter, so I am not going to attempt to describe the intricate patterns and beautiful details of each quilt. I am impressed with people who have this talent. The bright pinks, yellows,and reds that were used are so cheerful, and each quilt somehow reflects the personality of the woman who made it.

Every quilt has a special place in my home.  When I use one of the quilts I am filled with gratitude and love for the person who made it and that is comforting.