Paid Letter to the Editor: Vote for Ettinger in important 1st District election

Published 5:35 pm Friday, July 29, 2022

No election has been more important than this one. Jeff Ettinger needs your vote to fill the remainder of the term for Congressional District 1. Whoever wins that race will be the incumbent in the November election to fill the next two-year term.

There are many reasons to vote for Ettinger. Women’s right to decide on their own health care is high on the list. Addressing climate change and protecting voting rights and marriage equality are important reasons to keep Democrats in control of the House of Representatives. But, no matter your stance on other issues, nothing is more important than bringing level-headed leadership to the office by overcoming the Big Lie.

Vote to save American democracy by voting for democrats on Aug. 9. If Democrats lose the House and fail to control the Senate, supporters of the Big Lie will continue to undermine the will of the majority of Americans.

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Our candidates on the primary ballot need your show of support. So be sure to mark both sides of your ballot!! Whether you turn out on Election Day Aug. 9 or vote absentee, help preserve democracy by voting Blue on your primary ballot and your CD1 ballot!!

Terri Hanson

Blue Earth