Our Opinion: Pillars hold up community

Published 5:16 pm Friday, July 8, 2022

We’re not done talking about the Fourth of July yet.

Specifically, the Pillars of the Community. This year another three worthy faces were added to the line of distinguished people who have helped set Austin to be the community it is today.

This year’s inductees included Miguel Garate, Michael Ruzek and Frank W. Bridges. All of them have and continue to contribute to the community to this day. But aside from what these people have done, we want to talk about how important the Pillars of the Community program is in a broad sense.

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This program helps to identify these people, yes, but it also helps identify the strengths of our community and the shoulders its built on.

It can be argued that to know the community you have to know its past. By putting names to faces and putting them on pedestals, we begin to understand why people come to call Austin home today.

We fully expect those that are chosen in the future will continue to exemplify those strengths of community and like many we can’t wait to see who those names are.